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 68 page zine depicting the playfulness and awkwardness of the type on busses in Ecuador. j read more
In early 2020 I went to Ecuador to prepare for a graphic novel a scientist and I are planning to work on. I travelled quite a bit by bus started documenting the quirky type on them - first for the type enthusiast in me, later with a project in mind that then became this zine.
 I drew all the livery I had collected and then had it printed onto mixed coloured paper and saddle stiched. 68 pages, 16x23 cm.
 The printing cost was generously partly covered by the budget of Prof. Markus Huber.
The zines was self-published in summer 2020, together with its sister

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ABOUT: I'm Jonas, an illustrator and designer from Kiel, Germany. Besides my passion for illustration, especially documentary illustration and observational drawing, I'm having lots of fun with typography, type design and lettering work.
 I am currently doing my masters in communication design at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts which allows me to collaborate with people from all kinds of disciplines.
CONTACT: Hit me up via email j info[at]jonas-fischer.design
or slide into my dm's on j instagram
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